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Consider the Cup

Consider the Cup


Are You Serious?

Most of us never give much thought to the design of a coffee cup. A cup’s purpose is simple, right? So when we ask you to consider the cup, we’re fairly certain your first response will be, are you serious?

To engineer the perfect set of cups, the designers took lessons in pouring and sipping exceptional direct-trade espresso. They studied the fluid dynamics of coffee during a pour, the ergonomics of grips and handles, and the interplay between the drinker’s nose and the cup’s mouth during a sip. Through this careful examination of the baristas’ pouring and the consumers’ drinking experiences, notNeutral created LINO, a family of cups with exquisite form and function.  –



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  • Lee House

    Reply May 23, 20216:20 pm

    My sister has always thought I was crazy because I don’t like drinking my coffee out of coffee with lids, I have an entire cabinet dedicated to my coffee cups and I have favorite cups to drink out of. Drinking coffee and occasionally hot tea has always been almost a spiritual experience for me – especially that first cup. It is a perfect blend of all 5 elements – the Earth grim the beans and soil that the trees are grown in (it makes difference), the pure Water that it is brewed in, the Fire feeling the warmth through the cup as I take that first sip just cool enough not to scald the tongue, Air in the Arima I inhale with that sip, and Spirit, that’s the caffeine! ;-D Sorry, I do tend to wax poetic over my coffee. And I plan on visiting y’all in the very near future and hope to be a regular.

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